Can i double glaze my sash windows with slim double glazing

Double glazing period sash windows with slim double glazing

A question we get asked all the time is can I double glaze my original sash windows with slim double glazing and if so, what are the benefits and will it change the appearance of my sash windows.

Let’s begin with the first question can I double glaze my original period sash windows and the simple answer to that is yes you can. Kensington’s specialize in the installation of slim double glazing to period sash windows; we can double glaze Victorian sash windows or multi pane Georgian sash windows.

Double glazing with slim double glazing will massively improve the thermal performance of your sliding sash windows and increase the amount of heat you retain by roughly five times, and reduce any condensation from forming on the inner pane of your windows. Our slim double-glazing units give a u-value between 1.9 and 1.2 depending on the thickness of the spacer used and the amount of Krypton gas that is inserted in to the cavity of the double-glazed unit.

Question two ,will inserting slim double glazing alter the appearance of my sash windows and the answer is yes it will change the look of your windows, they will now look really sharp around the edges and very smart in appearance as the only thing we have to do to get the double glazing units to fit in your original sashes is the deepen the rebates about 4mm in depth , so when fitted they are hard to distinguish from single glazed sash windows but with all the benefits of modern double glazed windows.