Major restoration of Victorian porch in Liverpool

Ornate Victorian porch gets a major overhaul in Liverpool

This is a Victorian porch that is part of a beautiful period property in Liverpool, the porch as you can see from the picture has been left to decay over a long period of time, nearly all of the roof sections had to be totally replaced or carefully restored as well as a major part of the bottom sections. This was a large project that lasted for several weeks, new box gutters had to be formed and dressed in lead as well as new soakers. All the glass was replaced with laminated glass for safety purposes, in total we used in the region of 12 tubes of epoxy resin to carry out any renovation to the woodwork and what could not be saved was replaced with new hardwood sections to exactly match the originals.

A Victorian porch in a bad state of dilapidation needing major restoration.
Stripping the porch back and removing rotten sections
a large pitch pine support post,we removed it back to solid wood before bonding in a large section of hardwood with expoxy resin.
Burning off original victorian paint to expose any rotten wood and bring the porch back to life.
we had missing rotten sections on the front barge board so we removed original sections so we could duplicate them by making molds in silicone and pouring new sections a very time consuming process.
This is a large cross beam that could not be saved and was replaced in Hardwood
One of our team memebers ian supporting the porch as we deconstructed it.
A rotten finial we managed to restore with new sections and epoxy resin
the porch is now stripped right back ready for a rebuild.
A large support post and gallows bracket we managed to save with our restoration work.
Starting to make new molds of the original missing sections.
The finial on the bench ready to restore.
Another section of the finial.
the rebuild begins.
the molds bandaged up ready to pour.
The glass is starting to be refitted.
All of the laminated glass has now been refitted.
A comple new box gutter was formed from marine ply and lead.
The finial back in place.
The porch is now finished in primer ready to be painted.
Hey presto the porch is looking pretty nice now it was a lot of hard work carried out by our team of renovators.
a victorian porch having major renovation in Liverpool
All the fascia details we have remade from molds are now back in place,ready for the painter.